How Can I Enhance My Creativity?

You know what they say about creative people--they are geniuses!  These geniuses have the inherent ability to conceptualize things. Creativity is best seen in the arts through paintings, poems, writings, and music.
Some people bank on their creativity, make it their craft and earn a living from it. Some use their creativity for a hobby while some use it as an outlet for their inner feelings. Others make it their method of expression.

No matter what your reason, creativity is not just your ability to do well in the arts. Creativity has a lot of general uses in your life and existence. To enhance your creativity and be more productive in your particular field, here are some things you can use.

1. Use your imagination. Everyone knows how to imagine things. If you use your imagination frequently, you are enhancing your creativity as well.

2. Direct your focus. Creativity is a product of clarity and focused intent. If you direct your focus in your craft enough, you will find that you can do more things than you have ever thought of before.
3. Practice doing mind puzzles. To further stimulate your mind, you can take advantage of cryptography and other similar games. Your creativity improves as you calculate the answers to these mind puzzles.

4. Engage in board games. An example of a board game which improves your creativity is chess. In this game, you can devise numerous plans of attack to defeat your opponent. It also encourages you to plan in advance what type of move to make even before the game starts.

6. Do some doodling. Who says doodling is an idle, insignificant act? There are many ways you can benefit from doodling. It causes your subconscious mind to work. It shows your symbolism relative to the things that are going on inside you. And symbolism in itself is a very creative tool.

7. Add humor. It is said that as you cultivate your own sense of humor, you successfully harness a very valuable tool of your mind and heart. By creating humor in your life, you are growing your creativity as well.

8. Use your sense of perception. How do you look at things? The way you distinguish elements helps a lot in refining your natural creativity. The way you discern what is real and what is not real directly influences your creativity.

Creativity is a very powerful tool. You can choose to enhance it or not. But, if you choose to enhance it, your creativity can definitely take you places.

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