What Will It Take For Me To Be Happy?

Happiness is such a relative word. Your state of being happy is certainly different from others. The things that make you happy may ironically make other people sad.

This is why happiness seems to be elusive. It appears to be something so near and yet still unreachable. But hey, being happy is always achievable. Here is a guide to help you achieve happiness, no matter how abstract it may seem.

1. Be content with what you have.

Happiness may be fleeting because you never really become content with anything you have achieved and acquired. It is okay to set higher goals. Just donít put so much emphasis on them that youíll break down if you donít attain them.

2. Change your view on things.

Instead of looking at a glass of water being half empty, think of it as half full. Be positive. A person with a positive mind set goes further than somebody who isnít.

3. Control your emotions.

Contrary to what others think, it is possible to control what you feel. You can always choose to be calm than be angry. You can choose to be happy rather than sad; and most of the time, it all depends on you.

4. Surround yourself with happy people.

Happiness is contagious and you have to admit that. It is hard to stay lonely in the company of genuinely happy people. But if you are surrounded with equally gloomy individuals, being happy is almost next to impossible.

5. Love and be lovable.

It doesn't matter if you are old and alone. Love is something you simply cannot stop. If you love a person, then chances are, you will be loved back. Moreover, the thought and feeling that somebody loves you should be enough to put a smile on your face.

6. Share.

How can sharing make you happy? Well, the look of that small child you shared your cookie with, or the smile of a person on the bus you shared your seat with; it should all be enough to make you feel light all day.

These are simple ways to achieve happiness and keep it that way. Happiness is not elusive; it is just a matter of partaking in it. Being sad is a burden. It is harder than being happy. Try it. Work to be happy. Once you feel it, you wonít let go of it again.

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