Happiness: To Be Or Not To Be

When it comes to happiness, life gives us one of two choices - to be or not to be. The choice is up to us. Common intellect dictates that the choice is obvious. Nobody in his sober mind would choose to experience loneliness.

Somehow, if we let our mind drift freely, the tendency is to lean towards unhappiness. Take the case of an object thrown upward. The object will come down once the upward momentum has stopped. The path to happiness is no different. Obstacles may pull us down. Therefore, we need to ride the rocket to happiness that will take us away from this downward pull. In addition, we will need fuel to sustain our happiness.

Anyone can do this by making it happen. But, this will happen only if you will it.

Foremost, decide to be happy. Itís your right and privilege to do so. Next, think happy thoughts. It sounds simple in words, so much so that itís easier said than done. Rightfully it is. But let me ask you these questions: How does the air feel during Christmas time, Thanksgiving, or any holiday season compared to a non-holiday season? When you step into the disco, with that loud musical beat, do you feel like swinging your hips, tapping your feet, snapping your fingers, and dancing as though youíre a pro? When your family and friends give you a surprise birthday bash, do you feel overwhelmed and carried away by with pleasure?

Of course, you do. You are being influenced by your surroundings. If your surroundings are filled with confusion and commotion, wonít you feel the same?    

Like external surroundings, you can also be influenced by your internal surroundings. Your heart will feel whatever surrounds your thoughts. If you envelop your thoughts with guilt, hatred, envy, or loneliness, you will feel it. But if you surround your thoughts with love, admiration, or happiness, you will likewise feel it. Itís just a matter of choice.

You might ask, ďHow can you feel happy internally when all you see around you are sufferings, confusion, and pain?Ē Itís normal to feel uneasy in this situation. However, will it help to improve the situation if you let it overwhelm you? Youíll be adding one more person who is confused and suffering. That person is you.

Given the opportunity to change the mood, to turn it into a cheerful one, wouldnít you like to try it? Believe in yourself that you can. To accomplish this feat, surround yourself internally with cheerful, optimistic thoughts. Spread them externally. If you have to flaunt them, go ahead. Any act that promotes the good is worth flaunting.

Initiate happiness from within you. Infect yourself with your own thoughts of happiness, and spread them outward to your surroundings. Promote and give them freely, for everybody to utilize. Instead of being influenced by unhappiness from others, let yourself be the one to influence others with happiness that comes from your heart.

Everybody wants to be happy and the way to it is either to think happy, or be influenced by happiness.

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