Healing Life's Hurts

As I sit here with the morning sun shining in my window, I can not say that I am perfectly content with who I am. As I sip my morning coffee that my daughter made me, I am thinking about people and of life. I speak up, even when it feels uncomfortable and I give so much to other people, very seldom asking for anything in return. So why is it I'm sitting here feeling uncomfortable that I was outspoken and told someone that they were rude. Why do I need to now try so hard for their approval? Why do I even care what they think of me?

Do you ever get the feelings that you are being dismissed by someone and they see you as unimportant? I'm must admit I am a little bummed or I wouldn't be writing this article. It's a difficult concept to swallow when you feel you don't meet someone else's standards. I mean if I have gotten off on the wrong foot with someone or done wrong to someone I am the kind of person who wants to make it right. I guess I think and worry too much about what others think of me. This can be a huge downfall. I mean constantly living your life concerned with what others think of you.

However when dealing with the bad in life, I guess I really only have two choices: I can either try to change things or accept them as they are and move on. I am who I am because of who I am. Not because of how someone perceives me to be or because I didn't meet up to their standards. At the end of my life the only important question will be "Did I live my life as I saw fit?"

In all honesty I can be my own worse enemy. I let people get the better of me. I am always the one to tell people that there is no such things as victims only volunteers and here I sit this AM being a volunteer. If I keep letting people get the best of me than I am really letting them win. It is time that I stood up and was counted for. Life gets old quick and I have come too far to quit now. In life we all suffer one of two things, the joy of living our life our way or the pain and disappointment of never living our life.

I have always gotten by the strength of will my mother gave me. If one thing she taught me it was that life is a battle and sometimes you have to fight or you will die not ever trying. I have been fighting for the last years of my life. What is important to me right now at this very moment is that I know my goals, I know my friends, and I know my family, but most importantly for the first time in 35 years I know myself. I know who Rose DesRochers is.

I am in charge of my destiny, and it is up to me and only me to work with the options I have before me. Never lose sight of who you are, and what you are about. If someone wants to dismiss you because you don't meet up to their standards than that is their problem. Maybe they set their standards a little too high.

I do things the way that I want to, speak up for what I believe in and from now on I'm not going to let anyone dictate who I should be. I have three choices, I did someone wrong and we got off on the wrong foot. I need to accept that I did apologize, deal with it and now move on. I should not change my outspokenness when they were the one who did wrong in the first place.

Bishop Lorenzo Moore wrote about the hurts of his life and in his article he said, you must endure hurts through this life. There are no safe guards against your hurts. You can be as kind to people as you want to be. That is not going to stop them from hurting you. Bishop Lorenzo Moore you are right and you were also right when you said “Weeping may endure for a night; trouble may endure for a night; hurts may endure for a night; but joy comes in the morning. “ It’s morning time! Rejoice and hurt no more!

I am rejoicing and if someone has caused you to hurt or you are the kind of the person, who is your own worse enemy because you let people get the best of you, stand up and be counted for. We don't need to be a victim or a volunteer and we certainly do not need the appreciation of someone who has set their standards so high they can't forgive you for any wrong doing you have done.

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