Becoming Enlightened

Exerpt from "The Awakening: Conquering the Sleeping Giant Within"

BECOMING ENLIGHTENED, I believe, is the Ultimate Spiritual State and is a state of spiritual awareness and knowledge which is different for each person. You are a spirit first–then you are who you are. You are a living soul who is born with inner wisdom from God.

Enlightenment, which is as varied as each individual’s fingerprint, is an experience of regaining our perfection in God or Christ consciousness, and words alone cannot express the joyfulness and peace in that discovery. God energy is perfect energy, and because we are God’s offspring, so are we perfect. Standard religious beliefs try to convince us that this perfection is achieved somewhere in the "by and by." However, there is a Bible passage, which says, "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect." Matthew 5:48. We are a part of the Mind that created time and space. This may be a difficult concept for some to grasp. However, the important thing to grasp in our four-dimensional space-time continuum is that you are part of the Divine Principle and always will be.

What makes you who you are is your relationship with God or your concept of the Power that created you. You have worth and unique value in the entire Universe. Your REAL being as Spirit—God can only produce God or Itself. Every seed produces its own kind—including humans. We are a combination of matter and spirit. Enlightenment is becoming our God-selves manifested on earth. It is the process of becoming God thinking, God producing, God loving and God giving.

Everything and everybody returns to God who gave life to all. We were ideas in the Mind of God and came to earth.

There are many avenues leading to the road of enlightenment. Meditation and prayer are two of the most powerful. But as you have noticed, you must ground and center yourself in meditation. This should be a self-enforced discipline on a daily basis. In meditation, your number-one purpose is for enlightenment and attaining wisdom, truth and perfection. Every particle of your being will vibrate in unison and harmony with the invisible world on the astral plane.

Always eliminate any negative energy first—burn incense, use protection oils, light candles, and use other divinatory means of protection, including prayer, decreeing and chanting. You may call on your particular guides and angels to guide you.

Shakespeare said "All things be ready if the mind be so." If your mind is ready and your spirit is open to receive, all you have to do is speak the word. It takes on an incredible amount of speed by the food and fuel fed to it by your power. If you are not ready for that experience, you have to nurture it with prayer and meditation. In order to become enlightened, you are building the qualities necessary for your mystical abilities.

You can tune in to your enlightenment. Your own thinking forms a vibration at the highest level of influence in the fourth dimension. Which means, in simple terms, thoughts are real and thoughts are things. There is a statement in the Book of Proverbs, twenty-third chapter, seventh verse: "For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." What do you think about all day? What do you say to yourself and others?

Your enlightenment comes when you realize that you have no control over other people, but you have control over how you respond to other people.

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