How to Reconnect with Your Spiritual Side

Spiritual intelligence helps you manage stress. Tuning into this part of ourselves may be exactly what we need to find the serenity we crave and tap into joy.

"Spiritual intelligence is the capacity to sense, understand, and tap in to the highest part of ourselves, others, and the world around us," consultant and researcher Paul G. Stoltz, PhD.

The steps to take to tune in to your spiritual nature involve the following...

(1) Dedicate time each day (even if brief) to sitting quietly. We are rarely still--how can wisdom find us? I have found that even when my mind is wandering, just being quiet and still often leads to amazing insight.

(2) Create a quiet, relaxing space in your home. Does your home reflect and affirm the essence of who you are? For help in transforming the energy in your home so that it nurtures your spirit, go to

(3) Spend time outside in nature. Even a brief walk, spent actually taking in the environment, will help you connect with your spirit.

(4) Develop a hobby that relaxes you. Maybe meditation is not for you. But there might be something that would be perfect for you, like gardening, scrapbooking, yoga, etc. Maybe there's something you already enjoy, and if you spent more time doing it, it would build and nurture your spiritual self.

(5) During your quiet, reflective time, allow yourself to comtemplate questions that are important to you. What is my life purpose? Am I happy? Is my life meaningful? For help in discovering your life purpose, go to

(6) When your spiritual self speaks, listen and trust. Once we are quiet, we begin to recognize the deeper part of ourselves. That inner voice becomes more familiar. Pay attention to the messages your spirit sends you.

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About The Author / Credits: Jeanine Byers is a certified healing coach who helps women discover and nurture their soul purpose and life mission. For the holiday season, she is offering a free holiday stress relief exercise. She also offers transformation exercises to remove the blocks and resolve the issues that keep you from creating the life you really want!

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