We Are In a Process of Evolution

We are all immortal souls in the process of evolution. We are discovering and manifesting our innate divine nature.  

The concept of evolution is an extremely useful one.

It allows us to comprehend the reason for this world and the events that take place. Through it we can understand why we and others are not yet prefect. It gives an answer to the purpose of our existence.

As we mentioned in the previous chapter, we are vehicles for the expression on that one universal consciousness on the mental, emotional and physical level. We are evolving in our ability to express our already existent natural inner harmony and perfection.

We are functioning temporarily in the material dimension as cells of the one universal being. We are the means of expression for that being. Thus we need not wait for some God to solve the world’s problems. The only way the divine can manifest its harmony on this planet is through us and our choices, behaviors and actions.

We co-create our reality individually and communally through our beliefs, emotions, acts, expectations, behaviors and choices of the past and the present.

We are evolving in our ability to express our natural inner qualities of peace, love, power, wisdom and selflessness.

All (beings, objects, relationships, activities, events) exist exclusively for the purpose of our evolution and actualization as souls.

We also have the free will to cooperate with the flow of evolution or not.

The process of evolution is a movement from suffering caused by fear, alienation and antagonism to the peace and happiness created by to love, unity and cooperation.  We are forced by our suffering to seek alternative ways of thinking and behaving.

We encounter daily events and stimuli that offer us the opportunity to reevaluate and upgrade our beliefs, choices and behaviors. We have the freedom to remain with our old established perceptions and habits or to evolve.

Basically we have the choice to evolve now or suffer more and then evolve later. We can resist and consequently suffer but inevitably the forces of evolution will force us to change.

What are the natural logical conclusions to be made from the concept of evolution?

> The purpose and goal of our lives is to evolve.

> Our every life-choice should consider whether what we are thinking, saying or doing is furthering or hindering this one basic purpose for our existence.

> All events and situations – including the behaviors we encounter from others are there in order to facilitate this process of evolution.

> We have the free will to use those events and situations positively to learn and evolve nor not. 

> It would be illogical to demand of ourselves or others to be perfect. A being in evolution is by definition not yet what it can and will become and thus can never be perfect. 

> We can thus understand and accept ourselves and others as we are at this stage of our evolutionary process - realizing that we are doing the best we can considering our present subconscious programming.

> On the other hand it is always natural to seek that perfection. We have an inner need to move forward and manifest our inner beauty – just as a bud needs to become a flower. 

> We need to understand and learn our lessons so that we can create happiness.

> In the same way, the greatest gift we can give to others is to help them discover that they need to learn in order to create their happiness.

> We are not «bad» or «evil» or unworthy because of our weaknesses and faults. We simply have not developed the ability to manifest that harmony, love and peace.  

An example that will help us understand that is the difference between the bud and the flower. Until a bud eventually evolves into a flower or a caterpillar into a butterfly they are at less evolved stage. They are not however bad, evil or unworthy because they have not yet become flowers or butterflies. The are perfectly what need to be in order to evolve into what they will become. They would never be any flowers or butterflies if they were not first buds and caterpillars.

In same way we and all others are exactly who we need to be at this stage in our evolution as we move towards who we potentially can be.

Thus there is no reason to reject ourselves or others for our faults. We can accept all as we are as souls in the process of evolution.

Equally important however is to use our time and energy towards that goal of perfecting ourselves.

We need a balance between accepting ourselves as we are and simultaneously seeking to improve ourselves in all ways.

The main indications of evolution are:

> Steady feelings of love for others – regardless of how others behave.
> Inner feelings of peace and security no matter what is happening around us.
> Selflessness and desire to help others.

Some other indications might be:

> Transcending fears.
> Becoming more creative.
> Being more understanding.
> Becoming free from social programming.
> Accepting and loving ourselves as we are.
> Caring for others and serving them selflessly.
> Being honest and sincere in all situations.
>  Keeping our agreements and being conscientious.
> Behaving towards others as we would like them to behave towards us.
> Being humble and simple.
> Forgiving others for whatever they might have done.
> Living in the present moment.
> Feeling self-confident in all situations.
> Perceiving all situations as opportunities to learn and evolve.
> Loving and feeling unity with more and more persons regardless of their appearance, beliefs, religious, ethic or political groupings.
> Acting with peace and harmony.
> Being detached from material concerns.
v Feeling gratitude for all we have and - even for small things – even for difficulties.
> Being able to be true to ourselves.

Remember this when interacting with your spouse, children, family and friends. Especially:
> When others are unable to be in alignment with their higher nature.
> When you cannot be who you would like to be.
> When you need to make choices about how to behave.

Evolution consists of:
> Learning
> Changing   
> Developing higher qualities.

It also consists of:
> Creating
> Producing
> Serving   
> Bettering the world

What are some of the ways we can attend to our evolution?

> Eat naturally.

> Pray and meditate daily.

> Regularly employ exercises and breathing techniques for a healthier more vital body.

> Contemplate the universal truths taught by all religions and expressed in this and other books.

> Selflessly serve others with humility and love.

> Think what would be the most loving response in each situation.

> Or, what would be the most honest way of communicating or reacting in each situation.

> Remember this when times are difficult. 

> Seek to understand what opportunity is being given to us – what we can learn.

> Remember – we are a souls and our life purpose is evolution.

Act like a soul – in evolution.

The affirmation for this chapter is:
We are all evolving souls manifesting ever higher expressions of our innate divine nature.


1. Do you have doubts about this truth? If so what are they?

2. When do you doubt or forget that you are a soul in evolution?

3. In which situations would you like to remember that fact – more clearly?

4. In which situations would you like to remember that fact in regards to others – and more specifically family members?

5. How can remembering this truth improve your relationship with yourself?

6. How can remembering this truth improve your relationship with others?

7. What do you believe are is your next move in your evolutionary process – what do you need to do to move on?

8. How do you imagine yourself once you have manifested your inner beauty and virtues?

> From the forthcoming book "Truths"
by Robert Elias Najemy

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