I've Got the Big, Bad, "B" on My Job!

I've Got the Big, Bad, "B" Word on My Job!

The "B" word---B O R E D O M.

I got it because I don't have enough to do in my job!

Yes, I have completed my assigned tasks, but i have time left over, which causes me to be bored.

I know that all kinds of jobs have boredom connected to them. They're "little bores" or "big bores".

I have to find a way to reduce the boredom I feel and make myself feel better about my job and myself. I'll start listing here when I can do to help myself.

First, I will ask for more assignments. I will complete them too, in a timely manner.

Secondly, I will volunteer for more complicated assignments and complete them.

Thirdly, I will use my free time more wisely away from my job and create more meaningful pleasures for myself.

In fourth place, if I find that I cannot broaden the job to meet more of my needs, I will look at other departments to find another job that will. Maybe, this job and I are bored together, because it is not a good fit!

Lastly, I will talk to a trusted friend, family member or counselor to find out if I'm bored about being bored! If my expectations are too high about work, then I might be bored no matter what I undertake.

One thing is sure: "I gotta" get this bored work feeling out of my life!

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About The Author / Credits: Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A. Certified Career & Job Transition Coach

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