Seven Steps towards INSTANT STAR dom

Each of us is gifted at birth with a little toolbox (it's little because YOU are, but it grows proportionately), filled with everything you need to grow to your full potential. No one is ever shortchanged. This, mixed with your natural temperament, is your STAR.

Sometimes, because of responsibilities, perceived deficiencies, temporary set-backs or well-meaning people who want to lead you away from what you are intended to do, that STAR dims. You forget who you are ...your toolbox begins to rust and you can't remember where you left your tools. This causes the lament, Who moved my STAR?

Here are seven INSTANT remedies for finding and shining your STAR again:

1. Define what's in your toolbox

Make a list of all the things you're good at, and love to do. Sometimes they match, sometimes they don't. You will always repeat what you love to do, and rarely what you don't!

2. Accept yourself EXACTLY as you are right now

Your appearance is not your STAR. Your circumstances are not your STAR. Your achievements are not your STAR. Don't confuse BEING with DOING. Babies don't judge themselves to be ugly, plump, stupid or underachieving...neither should you.

3. Treat yourself to something that is uniquely YOURS every day

Find something that inspires, uplifts and nourishes you every day. Carve out a space that has an Off Limits sign to everyone. This is your replenishment time. Use it to daydream; meditate; journal; read; go for a walk; listen to music whatever you need to recharge your battery.

4. Use your tools regularly

Tools must be sharpened regularly to function properly. So must yours! It is not others who bring you happiness. It is by experiencing all that you are that does. Fear is the only deterrent to becoming all that you are. By keeping the tools sharpened and oiled, the rust that is your fear has no place to grow.

5. Increase Your Energy

Your body is a home for your STAR and also acts as a means of transportation. Your body can only exist by artificial means if it has no STAR- they are inseparable. If you want your STAR to operate at peak performance, so must your body. The fuel for this transportation enters through your mouth and your thoughts. If either are toxic, you become distressed and depressed. This vehicle performs at its peak through use. A parked car will soon have a dead battery. A parked body will soon have a sluggish STAR. You must move it regularly to keep it functional.

6. Create new experiences

The same routines every day produce boredom and depression. Vary your daily activities. Try new recipes; visit new places; take a different route; plan an event; make new friends; learn something new. You want to always have something to which you can look forward.

7. Share your STAR with others

Feeling alone dims your STAR. It is only when you share your gifts and talents that you grow and find true joy and happiness. Isolation is the most rampant disease in America. With telephones, computers and TV, you can shop, amuse yourself, and reach anyone, anywhere without ever getting dressed or leaving the house. But none of those can replace a hug, a smile, a shoulder to cry on, or a warm, steaming beverage placed in your hand from a loving heart when you need it most. You will shine your STAR most brightly when you share it with others, and they with you.

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About The Author / Credits: Originally from NY, Lambert, an international speaker, author and trainer to the healthcare and dental industries, Marcia Lambert aka STARR lives in Davidson, North Carolina and is currently developing a reality television show based on her book "Living LARGE Now!".

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