Is Your Spirit Working? (checklist)

Is Your Spirit Working?

Place a check next to the statements that sound like you in your present work environment.

Using your life force                                               ____
Sharing innate gifts and talents                                ____
Doing work that is meaningful and fulfilling                  ____
In service to other human beings                              ____
Your inner light shines                                            ____
You are standing up for something you believe in         ____
World benefits from what you do                              ____
You have a unique way of doing it                            ____
Creativity, passion, and purpose are present               ____
Your intentions and actions match                            ____
You are propelled by a larger life purpose
Integration of being and doing                                  ____
(balance of feminine and masculine energies)
Soul leads you through the process                           ____
(there are no instructions, no right or wrong way!)
You feel lost and unsure of how to make it happen       ____
Fully engaged, frequent moments of flow & inspiration   ____
You are stepping into your Greatness                         ____
Increased awareness and sensitivity                          ____
Deeper thoughts, higher level thinking                        ____
Questioning the status quo                                      ____
You feel energized after a hard day at work                ____
Inner feelings of peace & contentment                       ____
(like you have found the right path)
Non-traditional, shatters the box                              ____
(requires you to venture into unknown territory)
Opportunity to really express who you really are          ____
Desire to be surrounded or create beauty                   ____
Freedom to do it your own way                                ____
Discovering skills and talents you never knew you had  ____
Being scared sometimes                                          ____
Desire to right things                                              ____
You feel turned on, lit up, excited, enthusiastic           ____
No longer want to settle for ordinary or mediocrity       ____
Longing for change and newness                              ____
Broader perspective, see more of the big picture         ____
Shift to wanting to learn more, be more, do more        ____
Relying more on intuition to make life decisions            ____

33 characteristics for bringing your whole self, especially your spirit to work with you!

The more checks you have, the more you are working in spirit!

***Created by Michelle L. Casto, M.Ed. 10/03. Must get permission from the author to reprint.

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