Individual Differences and Job Satisfaction

People differ in their needs and interests, but in many cases employers do not understand or consider these differences. With the major breakthroughs in the understanding of human behavior made in the last several years, however, managers are now in a better position to understand the psychological needs of their employees and to increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

A management tool that helps to achieve these goals is PERSONALYSIS. A system of management analysis designed by a psychologist, Dr. James Noland, and marketed in Montana by Management Technologies, Inc., in Billings, PERSONALYSIS considers individual differences in studying relationships within an organization and how they impact productivity and job satisfaction.

There are four basic personality types, according to PERSONALYSIS, on five different personality levels: the adult, positive parent, positive child, negative parent and negative child.

The adult is the person's comfort zone, the range of his or her behaviors and feelings that are effective in meeting the demands of adult life and in providing satisfaction. As stress increases, however, the individual retreats to his or her other personality levels, the positive parent first, then the positive child, next the negative parent and finally, when stress is overwhelming, the negative child.

For the sake of easy identification, PERSONALYSIS uses colors to identify the four personality types: red, yellow, blue and green. We are all mixtures of these colors but specific colors predominate in particular people. Red persons are doers whose greatest needs are for power. Competitive individuals who are usually found in leadership positions, they like to see concrete results and tend to give orders in a direct manner. They dislike to lose and are threatened when their authority is threatened.

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