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How To Use Yoga To Reduce Anxiety Attacks

Nobody desires to have anxiety and panic attacks, but they can happen when you are exposed to situations which cause stress. A benefit of regular exercise and yoga is to reduce stress and to calm your mind so that you are more relaxed when faced with stressful situations so it is easier to cope.

An anxiety attack according to Mosby’s Medical Dictionary is defined as: an acute, psychobiologic reaction manifested by intense anxiety and panic. Symptoms include palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, faintness, profuse diaphoresis, pallor of the face and extremities, GI discomfort, and an intense feeling of imminent doom or death. Attacks usually occur suddenly, last from a few seconds to an hour or longer, and vary in frequency from several times a day to once a month.

The calming benefits of yoga are clearly felt on the mind and body and can aide to reduce anxiety and panic attacks. Balancing your body in various poses and flexing your muscles will help you feel tranquil and peaceful.

In yoga, warrior pose is where you have your right foot forward with your knee slightly bent and your left foot extended back balancing on the ball of your toes with your hands straight up in the air. In this position, a balance pose can be achieved by reaching your left arm behind you while your right arm remains straight up in the air. Meanwhile, you will want to keep your abdominal muscles pulled in, for better balance. This warrior pose may be repeated with the opposite foot forward in a similar manner.

An additional yoga exercise to relax the mind and body so as to prevent anxiety and panic attacks is tree pose. In this yoga stance, you balance your weight on your left foot while sliding your right foot up to your inner thigh with your right knee in a bent outward position so your right leg makes the shape of a triangle; meanwhile both hands reach straight above your head with your hands meeting to make a hand prayer position. To remain in this position for a few minutes and not to lose balance, you must concentrate on pulling your abdominal muscles in and remain focused and steady with breathing deeply. And this tree pose also may be repeated balancing your weight on your right foot while doing everything on the opposite side.

Other relaxing yoga exercises to help avoid anxiety and panic attacks include: sitting with your feet crossed and doing arm stretches; sitting with your feet extended in front of you so that you can do toe touches with your feet together or with your feet in a V position; neck and head relaxation moves; shoulder rolls; and bending from side to side at your waist. What better way is there to calm and invigorate the mind and body than to engage in yoga exercises.

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