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What Are The Symptoms Of An Anxiety Attack?

Are you aware that anxiety attack symptoms can sometimes mimic physical problems? Every single one of us has experienced what itís like to be anxious. From childhood where you may be feeling nervous about school to adulthood, feeling nervous about a change at work - anxiety is a normal part of every personís life.

Worrying is a natural part of being human and you wouldnít be normal if you didnít worry at one time or another. But when worry crosses a line and leaves you unable function throughout the day, then you could be having a problem with anxiety.

The feeling itself isnít bad to have. Anxiety works to keep us out of trouble. Like when youíre out hiking in the woods and come across a bear, anxiety is caused over possibly being hurt by the bear. Thatís a healthy anxiety and one that can work for your benefit because it shows you that you need to run away from whatever danger is in front of you.

The emotion isnít unhealthy when it comes as itís needed to help us or when it appears in relation to a situation or event where a person would normally experience it. What makes it a problem is when anxiety begins to steal your normal. You find that you canít function around other people and you canít function during your day-to-day activities. You might feel like you canít function at all.

The anxiety attack symptoms you should be aware of arrive as physical signs. Losing sleep, trouble falling asleep at night or if youíre able to go for days with no sleep is a sign of extreme anxiety. You might even feel tired, but no matter how much you want to sleep, you just canít.

Another way this emotion shows up is found in the way the heart reacts. Anxiety causes the heart to pound like youíre very frightened or youíve finished a long, hard run. You may begin to breathe faster in shorter, quicker breaths. Headaches that rebound or wonít go away are a sign that somethingís going on, too. You might begin to shake or have periods where you feel dizzy.

Other symptoms include hyperventilating and panic that cloaks you with a heaviness you canít shake. You might experience a sense of impending doom, even when you know nothing is going on externally to bring on that feeling.

The time lapse for an episode can vary from mere seconds to almost an hour. They may come and go several times throughout the day or you may have one on one day but nothing the next. There might not be a pattern at all to when you get the symptoms.

Anxiety attack symptoms can be very scary to go through, but they can be managed with the right tools you need to learn how to cope with the anxiety. Yes, itís scary, but you donít have to live in the fear. There is help available.

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