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What Is A Panic Disorder?

Panic disorders are anxiety episodes that can be manifested as sudden, deep fear or multiple fears over a prolonged period of time. The disorder can wax and wane. Along with the fear, there can be a responding symptom in the body.

You might experience terrible pains in your chest, abdomen or muscles. You might feel like you canít breath, or that youíre going to faint. You may begin to sweat or think that youíve lost control of yourself. These episodes are intense and difficult to go through.

Some people mistakenly believe that a panic attack is the same thing as a disorder, but it isnít - theyíre two separate conditions. These disorders affect millions of people and even children are not immune to experiencing this type of panic. This disorder isnít all in your head - itís genuine and considered to be a serious illness by the doctors and those in the mental health field.

What are the steps you should take if you feel that youíve been dealing with panic disorders? The first step you should do is get help. This isnít something you need to try to work through without the support of someone whoís trained to deal with the illness.

Your family physician might want to do a physical first to make sure you donít have a medical problem that could be causing you to be ill. From that point, your doctor will probably refer you to a counselor or psychiatrist. If youíre concerned about the cost of seeing a professional, first check with your insurance company to see if the visits are covered. Most usually are.

While youíre in treatment, you may undergo therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy, which is therapy designed to teach people how to control the illness rather than letting the illness run their lives. The therapist should be one that you feel like you can open up to.

Therapy canít help if you donít feel as if you can speak openly and honestly about what youíre experiencing. During the course of therapy, the professional may feel that medication would benefit you and help to bring your disorder to a level where you can be comfortable.

Also, when dealing with panic disorders, itís vital that you know that youíre not alone. You need the support of a group who understands how disorders like this can affect lives. Itís easier to find emotional and mental relief when youíre in a group of people who know exactly what youíve had to handle and who can help walk beside you as you make the transition from one who suffers to survivor.

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