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What Are Panic Disorder Treatments?

If you suffer from anxiety attacks that are frequent in nature and/or have lasted for a long time (not just once or twice in your life), then it may be time to seek out a panic disorder treatment that will help you regain control over your life.

It’s important to meet with your doctor to determine if you do indeed have a panic disorder and aren’t suffering from any serious health concerns. Before you go to your doctor, make sure you list your symptoms, so that you can relay the physical and mental process you go trough during these episodes.

It will help your doctor if he or she knows your stress triggers and whether or not these are present prior to the attack. You want to rule out any medical conditions before you go through with the process of choosing the right panic disorder treatment for you.

Your doctor may refer you to a mental health professional if he or she believes you do have a panic disorder. This may be individual or family therapy – depending on what stress triggers you have in your life. They may just want to evaluate you and touch on what mental issues you’re dealing with.

Your doctor may take a different approach, testing you out on a variety of prescription medications that can alleviate anxiety. Make sure you know what side effects the drugs have – as well as how long you might need to be on them. Some panic disorders are only temporary while others are deemed chronic.

The doctor should do a physical exam to measure your vital signs as well as some laboratory tests on your blood to check your thyroid and other factors. If you’ve experienced panic attacks with chest tightening or pain, then he or she may want to conduct some heart tests as well.

You may not have a panic disorder at all. They have to be frequent in nature. A panic disorder sufferer will be afraid that another panic attack is imminent and may start avoiding social situations because of this fear. And in order to be diagnosed with a panic disorder, they’ll have to rule out abuse of substances or other mental health woes.

You can treat a panic disorder much the same way you treat panic attacks – through medicinal use or psychological solutions. Start with whichever method makes you feel most comfortable. In extreme cases, you may need to take a two-pronged approach to mapping out your panic disorder treatment.

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