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What Are Panic Attack Treatments?

If you suffer from extreme public or private anxiety episodes, you want to find a panic attack treatment that not only helps you stop a panic attack in its tracks (or deal with it in a way that lessens its impact on you), but you also want to find a solution that helps prevent panic attacks completely.

Because the cause of panic attacks isnít some one size fits all incident, itís hard to pick one panic attack treatment and say, ďUse this Ė itíll work best.Ē Everyone is different, so you may have to try a few different approaches to find what works for you.

With panic attack treatments, youíll find that most people recommend medications for the prevention aspect and actions for the endurance of a panic attack. For example, certain anti anxiety medications like Xanax can help prevent a panic attack. But meditation and self-hypnosis can help someone in the midst of a panic attack.

Itís probably a good idea to use a two-pronged approach in quelling these types of episodes. You should meet with your doctor about prescription medications or herbal medications that can serve as valid panic attack treatments.

Some prescription medications serve as immediate symptom reducers. You might take a pill only when the onset of a panic attack occurs. Others are taken regularly and help keep your disposition calm so that a panic attack never arises, or if it does, itís mild in nature.

The only problem with trying to treat panic attack disorders with prescribed medications alone (such as Xanax, Klonopin or Ativan) is that they arenít meant to for long-term use. So what happens when itís time to get off of the drug?

Itís important to have a back-up plan Ė a way to diffuse the situation without pills. Some of the mental panic attack treatment options that greatly assist people in overcoming these episodes are:

Psychotherapy Ė this is a panic attack treatment that helps patients understand whatís at the core of their anxiety. The idea is, once a person understands what distresses them, they can then learn how to best deal with that issue (or issues).

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Ė this panic attack treatment helps you focus on your thinking as the root cause of your panic attack, and not some sort of external element. In other words, if you know itís your mind and your thoughts causing it, you have the power to control and change that.

Relaxation Therapy Ė this panic attack treatment helps release the tension. Your breathing stabilizes, your heart rate returns to a normal pace, and youíre able to overcome the anxiety episode quicker and easier.

Make sure that you test out a few different panic attack treatments so that when the time comes and your anxiety spirals out of control, youíre able to quickly get a handle on the situation and feel a sense of relief come over you rather than the feeling of sheer terror.

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