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What Are Panic Attack Medications?

Thereís a wide variety of panic attack medication you can try to help you take control over your anxiety disorder. But each person is different Ė some may want a doctorís prescribed medication while others prefer a more natural alternative.

The choice is ultimately up to you, but itís important to know what your options are Ė including the fact that panic attack medication isnít even a necessity if you learn to control the situation using different methods such as self hypnosis.

There are many people who utilize prescribed medications such as valium (diazepam) to control their panic and anxiety. But others warn against these kinds of medications because the user sometimes becomes addicted to it.

Beta blockers are also commonly used because they treat the symptoms you feel. While your body may still experience a rapid heartbeat, you wonít notice it. These come under the names Propranolol (Inderal) and Atenolol (Tenormin).

Tricyclic antidepressants such as Imipramine, Desipramine, and Nortriptyline are prescribed by doctors to treat the depression that often accompanies this type of panic disorder. But they have many side effects that could do more harm than good.

Benzodiazepines (commonly known as Xanax) have been given to panic disorder patients but they sometimes report that it actually makes the condition much worse. So what should you be taking, if prescription drugs arenít an option for you?

There are many herbal remedies that you can find out more about and try to see if it helps you overcome panic attacks. Some of these include Kava, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm, Lavender Oil, and St. Johnís Wort.

Donít just buy some and take it Ė get with a specialist about how much and how often you should be using these particular herbs. Some may not be safe for you (if youíre pregnant, for instance), so itís imperative that you allow an expert to recommend proper dosage.

You may also want to try various forms of cognitive behavior therapy. This is a non-medicated form of panic attack disorder treatment that allows you to control the situation without any medicines (prescribed or otherwise) necessary.

Many sufferers prefer this route because they donít have added expenses for medications and they donít have to worry theyíll get caught in an anxiety situation without their medicine on hand.

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