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How Do I Eliminate The Tension From My Life?

How To Overcome Depression and Anxiety

You can be victorious in overcoming depression and anxiety. Depression is a state of deep despair and focus on the emptiness or darkness of any given situation. The feelings involved are gloominess, crying for no reason that’s known to you - even in public places.

It also involves feeling as if the problems in your life have no solution - that everything is totally hopeless. Do you suspect that you might be depressed? Read the following to see if anything listed applies to you.

Are you no longer involved in doing the things you once did? Do you constantly make up excuses to avoid people and places because you know you’ll have to pretend everything’s okay?

Have you withdrawn from your social circles? Are you staying away from your family because you’re afraid they’ll see through you and want explanations? There are also physical signs of depression. Wanting to sleep more than your body needs. Sleep is a way of avoiding facing another day.

Not wanting to eat or go to work and not caring what happens if you don’t is another sign. What causes depression? The loss of a relationship or if you’re in a relationship and it’s not what you thought it would be, death, a job transfer, children moving away from home - all of those can cause you to sink into a state of depression.

Are you currently taking medication to treat another medical condition? Check the side effects, some depressions are induced by medication. You might see it listed as ‘can alter mood or mental state.’ Depression is often partnered with anxiety. Overcoming depression and anxiety can restore your life again.

We’ve looked at what depression is and some signs now let’s talk about anxiety. What it is and how to recognize it. Anxiety is apprehension that fails to stay in check. It blooms into abiding fear or a heavy weight of worry upon the shoulders. It can also be nervousness that lasts longer than it should.

When anxiety is present, the emotions that you feel act like food for a hungry bear. Once that bear gets a little bit of that food, he’s coming back for more the next time his stomach growls. Anxiety feeds on anxiety. The cycle must be broken in order to stop the constant state of fear and worry.

Signs of anxiety can copy severe actual health problems such as a heart attack. You can experience rapid, shallow breathing, erratic, fast heartbeat and clammy or pale skin. You might feel a weight on your chest, like a band is squeezing your heart. These physical symptoms can be directly traced back to anxiety. Living in upheaval doesn’t have to be the mantra of your life. Overcoming depression and anxiety can happen for you.

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