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How Music Relieves Anxiety Attacks

Music can relieve stress and prevent panic attacks and anxiety. A great way to calm the soul is to listen to meditation music. Meditation music can be soft, quiet, classical music which can transport you to another world of calmness and serenity. Meditation music that is truly inspirational can carry you away on its wings so that your heart is blessed with harmony.

Meditation music also can be music simply with sounds of nature. Soothing sounds in nature can be of: a waterfall, a stream, ocean waves, birds chirping in the trees, whales calling their mate underwater, the rustle of wind over the mountains, etc.

Classical music with a harmonious melody can be tranquil and relaxing to avoid panic attacks and anxiety. Instrumental music from any period or culture can be inspirational from the tone, rhythm, pitch, and melody.

The tone, in particular, of the musical instrument can create a euphoric feeling putting your mind at ease so as to keep you from getting panic attacks and anxiety. The sound of stringed instruments can be delicate and delightful. Consider the deep and silky sound of classical music played on a Stradivari violin. Stradivari violins were made by Antonio Stradivari (who was an Italian violinmaker, 1644-1737, Cremona, Italy). Stradivari violins are rare and have a classic, remarkable sound, that is unlike anything else.

Christopher Hogwood, a musicologist and the artistic director of the American Handel & Haydn Society, wrote an excellent book about Handel who composed choral music, symphonies, and “The Messiah”. Around Christmastime, one can always hear “The Messiah” on the radio, which is a relaxing, inspirational choral masterpiece. Listening to Handel’s music is very peaceful and restful which can help prevent panic attacks and anxiety.

William Shakespeare, the respected and renowned writer in English Literature, had a love of music. He wrote in his play Twelfth Night: If music be the food of love, play on!.

Listening to music on the car radio while stuck in rush hour traffic on the freeway, can be a great way to relieve stress and to prevent panic attacks about worry over any problem on your mind. Music has a calming effect, and music can bring peace to your soul.

Music can affect your mood and mental state and can reduce panic attacks and anxiety. Music can make you feel happy, sad, nostalgic, or energetic or remind you of love.

Music can work on the subconscious, creating or enhancing mood and recalling deep memories. I remember the song by the Beach Boys that had the lines: “Wouldn’t it be nice to be together…”, and I remember the exact feeling of joy I had at the exact location when I was driving, years ago, when thinking about someone I loved.

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