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How Do I Eliminate The Tension From My Life?

How Meditation & Yoga Can Eliminate Anxiety Panic Attacks

The relaxation effects of meditation and yoga can be useful to prevent anxiety panic attacks. An anxiety attack is defined as: an episode of extremely uncomfortable anxiety. Severe forms of anxiety attacks are called panic attacks”.

Meditation is a form of stress-management that enables you to create peaceful thoughts to soothe and calm the soul from within. There will always be stress in the world, but you can change the way you deal with stress by finding inner peace through meditation.

Meditation is a spiritual way to rid yourself of negative thoughts and to replace them with positive, calm thoughts. This type of thinking helps t reduce anxiety panic attacks. When your thoughts are calm and stress-free, then this tends to prevent your immune system from breaking down to cause disease or uncomfortable conditions in the body such as a panic attack.

The meaning of “to meditate” is to reflect, to ponder, to think about. Focusing on enlightened thoughts based on meditation and prayer is beneficial. Here is an example of a meditative prayer by author Ruth Ann Mahaffey: Open my minds eye so I may see and feel Your shinning light presence close to me. Give me inner strength for my stumbling feet as I battle the crowd on life's busy street. And widen the vision of my unseeing minds eye so in passing faces I'll recognize not just a stranger, unloved, and unknown, but a friend with a heart and soul that is much like my own.

The Raja yoga meditation philosophy is based on radiating peace and light to the world. This type of meditation can prevent anxiety panic attacks. With all the technological advances in society and everything that the modern world has been able to accomplish through science, medicine, and inventions; have people gained inner spiritual peace? Meditation is a way to achieve the goal of inner peace, no matter what is going on in your life or the world around you, whether harmonious or discordant.

Yoga is another form of stress prevention which can reduce anxiety panic attacks. Yoga originated in India and the far East which sprung forth from religious practices. According to Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary, Yoga is: the union of the self with the supreme being or ultimate principle; any of the methods or disciplines by which such union is attained, identified as those of karma, bhakti, etc.; a school of Hindu philosophy advocating and prescribing a course of physical and mental disciplines or attaining such union. And Yoga is not limited to the Hindu faith: it also has ties with other religions such as Buddhism. Yoga has evolved to become a relaxing physical and mental health exercise practiced by many people throughout the world.

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