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Where Can I Get Panic Attack Help?

When you or someone you see is in need of panic attack help, itís important to know what steps to take to alleviate the symptoms and regain a sense of calm. There are two different scenarios here Ė one is when you are the person suffering from the panic attack and the other is when youíre witnessing it.

If you see a friend or stranger going through a panic attack, first make sure itís not something else that may require medical attention, such as an asthma attack. See if thereís a reason for the panic (such as being in a closed elevator). If so, try to help the person get out of that situation.

Stay calm when youíre providing panic attack help to someone and donít try to touch them (such as put your arm around them). Just be reassuring to them. Donít tell them thereís nothing to fear because to them, there is.

All you need to do is try to get them to concentrate on some deep breathing, inhaling and exhaling in a slow and controlled manner. If you have access to it, hand them a cool washcloth or towel since many panic attack sufferers suddenly feel flushed in the facial area. Stay with the person until the panic attack subsides.

If youíre the one who has to provide panic attack help for yourself, the first thing you need to do is try to slow down your mind. During a panic attack, your thoughts often race ahead, making it virtually impossible to think straight.

Concentrate on deep breathing Ė inhale and exhale slowly and fully. Breathing will slow down your heart rate and help keep the panic attack under control. If possible, find a cold cloth or splash some cool water on your face.

Try to rationally think about whatís happening during the moment. Remember that a panic attack will not kill you. Youíre simply experiencing symptoms that are scary at that moment.

Distract yourself during the 10-30 minute panic attack to help you stop thinking about it. You can do this with music, self-hypnosis, or by working on something like a puzzle or crossword.

Some people find it helpful to begin some sort of physical activity Ė whether itís walking briskly or dancing around the room to your favorite music. You may be afraid to move if your chest is constricting, but sometimes this is exactly what alleviates the symptoms.

There are many ways you can get panic attack help when you need it. The most important thing to do is learn how to control it before it happens, and that means finding a method that works for you and practicing it so that when the time comes, youíre prepared.

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