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Am I Having A Panic Attack?

Panic attacks are not pleasant. Nobody should go through panic attacks, but it occurs for many Americans and other individuals throughout the world. It is important to be evaluated by your doctor to see if the symptoms can be attributed to a physical condition, such as a heart condition.

However, the symptoms of panic attacks can be due to a mental cause. How does your psychologist diagnose a panic disorder so that insurance companies reimburse for treatment? There are guidelines stated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) published by the American Psychiatric Association, which psychologists use to diagnose panic attacks.

A psychologist determines that you have panic attacks if the following conditions are met:

  1. You have unexpected panic attacks that occur often and more than twice;
  2. You have anxiety about having future panic attacks;
  3. You try to prevent being in situations that you believe will initiate a panic attack;
  4. Other mental health problems are ruled out, such as social phobia or agoraphobia;
  5. Your panic attacks do not originate from drug or alcohol problems.

It is never wise to not attend to pressing problems. A problem left untreated can lead to more problems. If you do not deal with panic attacks to try to treat it, then your whole life may become troubled. If panic attacks are left untreated, you may live in constant fear which could make your life miserable. The troubles that panic attacks may bring if not treated immediately include:

  1. You may not want to leave your house;
  2. You may become afraid of driving;
  3. You may try to avoid social situations;
  4. You may run into financial problems;
  5. You could find that you have difficulties at work or at school;
  6. You could have a higher risk of suicidal thoughts;
  7. You may be vulnerable to alcohol or drug problems.

Therefore, because all these problems should be avoided, it is beneficial to get treatment for panic attacks early. Most people respond positively to the effective treatments available for panic attacks. The ideal result of treatment is to get rid of the various panic attack symptoms that plague you. After treatment, almost all people are able to resume a happy, healthy life, which is how life should be. The various treatment options for panic attacks are: relaxation techniques, help from a psychologist, medications, help from a religious person who you trust, etc.

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