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How Do I Eliminate The Tension From My Life?

How To Deal With Depression and Anxiety

Millions of Americans are learning ways of dealing with depression and anxiety. They can be two separate disorders, but youíll often find that anxiety and depression happen at the same time.

The symptoms of depression are trouble getting out of bed in the morning because you feel that thereís no reason to get up. You feel that life has lost all the joy it once held. Your energy levels will drop and you might not want to engage in any of the activities you used to do.

You might be smiling on the outside but feel emotionless or a deep sadness on the inside. No matter what you do, you cannot seem to get rid of the feelings of sadness. If depression is not dealt with, it can lead to dark thoughts of suicide. To understand whether the depression was brought on by an episode, or is a chronic condition, you would have to figure out when the depression first began.

Anxiety is experiencing a continual worry that wonít leave no matter how hard you try to control of it. You find yourself Ďwaiting for the other shoe to dropí and almost every situation has a fear linked to it.

Donít shove your emotions or unresolved issues deep within because this will only make them come back up later. Emotions that arenít dealt with often show up as depression or in the body as health issues.

Think about it - when you feel stressed, one of the first places you may notice it physically is in your neck and shoulder muscles - thatís where you can feel it outwardly. Now imagine what that stress is doing to the inside of your body!

Dealing with depression and anxiety could take weeks or years depending on where youíre at in your walk with the condition and how long youíve had it. Sometimes itís induced by an event that you canít seem to recover from.

Usually the event is one that traumatizes such as battling a disease or flunking out of college. When the cause of the depression or anxiety is located, the best treatment method can then be decided upon.

If you recently experience the loss of someone you loved or youíve gone through a break up, those are events that can cause both anxiety and depression, however, this type of depression - usually having roots in feelings of grief - usually passes.

There are as many treatment options available as there are causes of anxiety and depression. Some people are able to deal with their condition through using meditation or yoga or by buying self help products. Others find that they need to talk what theyíre going through over with a psychiatrist or other mental health professional.

When youíre dealing with anxiety and depression, give yourself the benefit of a support system to help you walk through it. If you donít have the loving support of family or friends, then join a support group in your area.

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