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What Is Anxiety Depression Disorder?

An anxiety depression disorder is a condition marked by overwhelming anxiousness accompanied by depression. The word disorder is an umbrella term housing several different anxiety terms. It only means thatís been a break in the way the emotion would usually operate for that person.

Both anxiety and depression are not uncommon occurrences for anyone to go through. Death, getting a pink slip, or the unraveling of a relationship are events in life that can cause a person to feel anxiety. This knot in the bottom of the stomach kind of anxiety is something every person feels when anxiety is at a normal function.

What happens for people with a disorder, however, is that they get that same knot in the stomach constantly and thereís no basis for the feeling. In other words, nothing is going on, the anxiety is just there.

This kind of anxiety stops the person from being able to continue living life as he or she would have before the disorder began. Itís normal for some people with anxiety to also have depression. The trouble with the disorder takes place when itís not dealt with. While it may not be easy to take that first step and reach out, there is treatment.

Why is it so important that an anxiety depression disorder be treated? Because depression can rob you of the kind of life you deserve to have. Untreated, it can cause you to lose the ability to be able to do your job, it can cause grades to slip at school or college and can begin to affect your overall health because of the stress. If you have anxiety thatís persistent and prevents you from functioning, itís highly likely you have this disorder.

You might recognize some of the symptoms of this disorder. Your heart might suddenly speed up in a burst of adrenaline when thereís no frightful situation occurring. Stomach upset and feeling nauseated is common with anxiety.

You might feel uneasy for no known reason. Insomnia may develop as you lose the ability to put the stress and fear in its proper place. You may find that you lie awake at night fretting over things that could happen.

The trouble with an anxiety depression disorder is that more often than not, itís not visible to other people. They canít see on the outside what youíre experiencing emotionally.

They might notice that your behavior is changed but might chalk it up to any number of ordinary things. But itís best to reach out to your friends and loved ones so that you can get the support you need as you work through treatment.

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