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How Do I Eliminate The Tension From My Life?

What Causes An Anxiety Attack?

What causes anxiety attacks? And how do I deal with stress? Stressful circumstances can trigger panic or anxiety. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters, those in law enforcement, and in the military, have jobs that require contact with stressful situations; yet individuals in these professions have learned to remain calm to deal with crises.

One perspective for dealing with stress is to train for it. If you are prepared for a stressful situation by mock training, then you will do better under stress and not have anxiety attacks. There is no substitute for experience. You can train yourself to handle situations that cause panic, and you can be strong and quick to bounce back when faced with emergencies or setbacks.

Dr. Charles Morgan of Yale Medical School did research studies of the Army Special Forces in survival school. Soldiers were trained under stressful conditions simulating real situations in order to be able to survive better. As part of the study, Dr. Morgan measured a chemical in the solderís brain, neuropeptide Y, an amino acid that is a natural tranquilizer, that controls anxiety and breaks down the effects of stress hormones like adrenaline; that helps regulate blood pressure, appetite, learning, and memory. Neuropeptide Y aids the brain manage emergency and fear responses by allowing the prefrontal cortex of the brain to work longer under stressful condition. Decision-making and higher-level cognitive functions are carried out in the prefrontal cortex. The result of Dr. Morganís research was that he discovered that the Army Special Forces members during training in survival school produced significantly greater levels of neuropeptide Y, as compared to regular troops.

Researchers are looking for ways to reduce anxiety attacks from being exposed to traumatic experiences. When you feel anxiety, it is difficult to think clearly. Having practice remaining at peace and remaining strong during similar experiences to a present challenge is a foundation upon which to lean through your past experience.

Another way to reduce anxiety attacks is to talk to others who are mentally strong or who have faced similar experiences. Friendship with others can help alleviate fears and enable you to press onward with life with courage and hope for good for the future.

To remain calm and clear-headed in a crisis is so important.
And it is possible to be trained in situations that mimick an emergency, whereby the ability to react more strongly to combat panic is strengthened. Being able to concentrate on a problem and to remain steadfast and resilient enables one to handle stressful situations so that one does not panic when confronted with challenges.

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