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What Causes Anxiety Attacks?

Experiencing anxiety attacks causes even more anxiety. Did you know that? Itís because thereís so much misunderstanding in society and even among some doctors about what exactly anxiety is and isnít.

Feeling anxiety doesnít mean youíre not normal. When you reach a point where anxiety impacts your life so much that you canít do everyday things, that still doesnít mean youíre not normal. What it means is that your anxiety has reached a level where you need to do something about it. It means that to get back into the routine of life, youíre going to need a little help.

Many people donít seek help when they feel overwhelmed by this emotion because of the stigma that is wrongly associated with it. Sometimes what people donít understand, they fear. Back in the 1800s epilepsy was given a label that wasnít accurate and the same thing happens today when you have people and doctors who arenít aware how to handle anxiety.

Thereís a simple definition for anxiety. Boiled down to the basic meaning, anxiety stands for worry. People with anxiety worry just like others. The problem is they worry more than they should and canít seem to stop, so help is needed. Some people with anxiety do have mental issues, but that doesnít mean everyone who struggles with anxiety does.

Getting to the root of anxiety attacks causes can be found in how people react. Itís an overreaction - an emotional overload that triggers the anxiety. Anxiety triggers can be from physical danger such as having been in an accident, financial pressure, marriage struggles or the loss of someone close to you - whether through death or separation.

Usually when people experience such happenings in life, theyíre able to deal with them, put them in the proper perspective and move on. Those who suffer from a deep anxiety that wonít leave them alone canít seem to move past some events.

Wanting to and not being able to control life can bring an attack. Living with the fear of Ďwhat ifí or Ďwhat could happení can cause anxiety to build. Part of anxiety can be found with fear at the foundation. Fear is the worry over something that hasnít happened. We fear job loss, death, how to pay bills, we fear health problems and the list goes on. But whether the fear is real or not, to those who battle anxiety, the fear is very real.

Experiencing anxiety attacks causes peopleís lives to be disrupted sometimes to the point where they canít make it through an hour, let alone an entire day. For those people, learning how to control what they can control and let of what they canít is vital for gaining perspective. You donít have to put up with anxiety. There are ways to successfully treat it.

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